Genesis - Mining - Overview

Genesis - Mining - Overview

UPDATE Aug 22, 2017:

in stock:  Ethereum mining (2 year contracts), Monero
currently out of stock:   BTC mining, Likecoin mining, Dash mining

re. out of stock BTC etc: plans are currently sold out, Genesis will bring them back as soon as possible 


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Genesis Mining was founded at the end of 2013. Genensis Mining has a growing staff, is constantly hiring, and has real mining farms.  A real company with real people.  Very honest and transparent company. You can read more here ...

Genesis Mining offers simple mining. Over 500,000 members. 

Mining contracts are "open - ended " , meaning, mining and payouts will continue as long as minning is profitable. See also Genesis-Mining FAQ

I like the word: SIMPLE, and it is. If you want to earn BTC, or ETHEREUM*, 
this is a good place to be.

1. You join and pay

You can pay with Credit card*, Debit card, and also with BTC. Nice to have options :-)

2. Confirm, and  VOILA!

Your mining rigs are already set up and running, earnings BTC daily!!.

(I have a STEP by STEP HOW TO GET STARTED  guide for those who have registered)

As soon as you hit minimum payout, your BTC are sent to your wallet, automatically.

Really simple, hands off, automatic, earn BTC everyday .

use this code:     i0pTL8    and receive a 3% discount 

It is NOT too late to start Bitcoin mining ...

With BTC value constantly going up, I woud NOT wait!

Register here and get started ...

When you order via credit card, your payouts will be held for a month, as stated in the Terms of the Contract. This is a security measure to protect Genesis Mining from credit card charge back. Once the month has passed, the full amount will be released to your wallet, and from then on you will receive a daily payout. In the meantime you can see your accumulated earnings in My Account > My Orders, under "My pending balance of payouts".

* Why you should start mining ETHEREUM:

1 ETH was $18 on March 6, now after 3 months,
1 ETH is worth about $400

see daily ETH price here:


How to get started after Registration:

1.  On Dashboard, Select MINING ALLOCATION,
please set up BTC and/or ETH Mining, one by one 

2.  SELECT BTC Mining 

or ETH Mining


4.  CHOOSE your  $ amount (move the droplet),
BTC contracts are open ended

ETH mining contracts are for 2 years

5. CHOOSE Payment Method (Credit Card or BTC)


do NOT forget to enter your wallet addresses to your Account (Settings).

PLEASE read the Questions and Answers on the website (Customer Service