Wednesday, August 02, 2017

What is new with Futurenet?

Futurenet News and Updates

Another exciting (very exciting!) "NEWS" webinar took place with Stephan Morgenstern, one of the two founders and owners of Futurenet.

Please watch recording here (about 40 min):

Let me give you a summary of the main points here:


This can be used in beginning of Your own FUTURNET videos, and webinars as well.

-- FUTURENET ACADEMY coming Sept 2017
to help new members getting started right away

moves to new office in Warszawa, Poland,
FN is growing FAST,  50 new more staff will be added in the next 3-4 months,
50 - 100 more in the next plan  (explosion is expected when Futuro goes online)

Contract for 1000 qm Restaurant and Cafe signed
plan is to open the BEST restaurant in Warszawa and Ukraine, ...., plus Futurenet Cafe !!!



FUTUREADPRO MEMBERS need to download the FREE Futurenet cloud app
to be able to earn. If you do not have a smart phone, please contact support.
Download and then log in with same Futurenet log in info.

Founders Stephan and  Roman will go to Hongkong in 2 weeks to prepare
everything for the Futuro Launch Event in Macau on Nov 25, 26, 2017 in Macau, Hotel: Studio City

Futuro coin is a real coin, which will have own blockchain from day one,
will have exchange platform from day one

NEW:  Futurenet Exchange, own crypto currency exchanger platform
you can exchange Futuro into US$ and other coins

when we purchase futuro coins we will also get mining, for 2 years,
earn futuro coins every minute

>> PASSIVE INCOME STREAM, no sponsoring required

Futuro marketing plan will be interfaced with Matrix, when a member gets a coin,
that member will automatically get a $10 matrix position

Futuro coins ARE not yet available, but you can qualify for FR/EE coins:

more info, watch webinar (at 27 min)

-- FUTURNET JEWELLERY (Pandora style..)
going online any day ...

2 PM EST, invite your friends

Futurenet is HUGE, Futurenet  -  Unlimited Life !!

Please contact me with any questions, read also my Futurenet overview here ...

Join Futurenet here for FREE. I am looking forward to welcoming you to my Team :-)

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Futurenet Friends Tree Rewards Program

The Power of the Futurenet Friends Tree Rewards Program

FUTURENET is an amazing opportunity that offers many different ways to earn income online.

You can join for FREE and do the following...

- Use the Social Media side of the business and get paid to be active ...
- Shop Online ...
- Book travel flights and hotels ...
- Advertise your websites and earn from revenue sharing of the company ...
- Futurenet makes revenue also from car leasing, casinos, product development and sales, cloud storage service/apps, Online Casinos, Futurenet Cafes  etc...

One of the powerful Futurenet Business Opportunities is the Friends Tree Reward Program, also known a the "Matrix".

You may be someone like me who who tried and joined already several matrixes online over the last few years, and never had much success with it. You may be thinking, this is not for me, thank you very much, been there, done that.  I understand. That's what I thought too at first.

Since I love everything Futurenet does, and "everybody" tells me that the Futurenet matrix is very powerful (actually, it has already produced a few millionaires), I had to take another look.

How does the Friends Tree Reward Program (or "The Futurenet Matrix") work:

The friends tree has a board with 6 different positions, it is a forced matrix, only 3 can be on the first level of the matrix, there are up to 10 levels.

The first position starts with a one time $10, there are NO monthly fees.

The other positions are:
$10, $25, $50, $100, $500, $1000

Everybody has to start with the $10 position, in order to get into the higher position, one has to purchase the earlier positions first.

A member will earn 5% commission on direct referrals, and their referrals and so on (5% commissions are paid for new members entering the matrix, regardless if you sponsored them or your referrals or sponsors (spill overs).

Members will receive media points which they can exchange in Futurenet for Futurenet products like landing pages, blog, cloud service etc.

See how powerful this 3 X 10 matrix can be:

Income in the $10 matrix = $ 44.099

Is this even possible? With a ONE time payment of $10?  YES - IT IS !! and there is more ....


The Matching Bonus is calculated on the basis of income from:

To get Matching Bonus you do NOT need to have any qualifications.
From each directly invited Partner, who gets the bonus in Friends Tree you get from 10% to 50% of his income value! The amount of Matching Bonus depends on the owned Package.

What is included in the ONE time payment of $10 
(besides the amazing potential to earn $44,900) ?

  • FREE Registration to Futurenet - Social media platform INCLUDED
  • Marketing Tools (Landing pages, videos, autoresponder, prewritten follow up emails) INCLUDED
  • Webinars and Training INCLUDED
  • Access to our Team's Facebook group INCLUDED
  • NO Monthly Fees 
  • Tons of processor options available

So, How do I get started?

2.)  Wait for my email with STEP by STEP guide

3.)  Join the Friends Tree  ...  :-)

I am looking forward to welcoming you to our Team :-)

To Your Success!!

Monday, July 10, 2017

My TOP Three Passive Income Opportunities

Who doesn't want to earn money online, either to add some additional income for special projects or vacation, or to replace a "job" income. What about creating more time freedom for you an your family? Maybe you just want to start earning and increasing your bitcoins?

There are many ways to do just that, selling products on Amazon or Ebay, joining MLM companies, and recruit distributors, joining "money" lines, and "matrixes", then there are revenue sharing programs and affiliate programs. Lots to choose from, some require you to learn different marketing styles as well. Some ways require you to pay entry fees, some charge monthly fees, some are free to join.

Now, there are also ways to earn money online as a "newbie" or one with less experience and no entry fees, and no monthly fees and that is really very good news, agreed?

Here are my top three "passive income" opportunities:


What is Futurenet? Can't really say in one sentence ... it is ...

Futurenet started in 2014, with the social media platform (now over 1.49 MILL members), then in April 2016 launched Futureadpro (advertising with revshare). But there is more ...  Matrix, Marketing tools, Apps, Shopping and Travel portal, Futurenet products, Futurenet Cafe, Future coin (coming soon), external revenue coming also from games, casinos, car leases,  Futurenet is always expanding.

Easy to get started, no monthly fees, the matrix is a "secret" gem, simple, with no extra requirements and starts with just a one time $10. Futurenet is a stable long term income opportunity, the longer I am a member, the more I like it.

This one is not to be missed. Get for more info here ...


USI-TECH will be here for many many years. Great company run by professional. Already a trusted reliable FX Trading Platform with amazing results in its own right (all trading reports are available in your back office and on FXBlue).
Each Bitcoin package is 50 Euros payable in bitcoin or with Payza, earnings can be withdrawn daily (to Payza ot BTC, your choice), once min. of 10 Euro is reached. Average daily earnings are about 0.8-1%. This is a Real Great Passive Income Stream.
Profit is generated from: Trading and Crypto-Currency Mining Contracts. With every BTC Profit pack, a return of 40% is targeted over the term of 140 working days.

Must see, get more info here ...


Genesis Mining was founded at the end of 2013. Genesis Mining is a real company with real people. Genesis Mining offers simple mining. Bitcoin mining contracts are "open - ended " , meaning, mining and payouts will continue as long as mining is profitable.

This is a great way to earn more Bitcoins or other coins passively.

It is easy to get started, once registered I will send you a step by step guide and a discount code.

This is hands off, automatic, you can earn BTC or other coins like ETH everyday.

Find out more about Genesis-Mining here ...

As always, if you have any questions, please contact me, best on Facebook

I researched, watched reviews, compared, got started and tested. I am very confident that these three passive income opportunities will be here for a long time. But do not forget, before you join, any program or company, ALWAYS read the terms and the disclaimers on the websites!

To Your Success !!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Futureadpro is Booming

While many revshares are suffering, FUTUREADPRO ( by Futurenet) is booming.

See how is works:

What makes Futureadpro so successful?

Futureadpro was launched in April 2016 by Futurenet (since 2014 with over 2 MILL members), a stable, world wide  company with head office in Poland, and now also offices in India, Dubai and Hongkong. 

Futurenet is a lot more than just a revshare (Futureadpro) or just a social media platform. With all the different external income sources, and more are added constantly, there is no need to worry about shrinking revenue. 

Futurenet offers, a shopping portal, travel portal, is developing its own products (like coffee, perfume, merchandise ..).  Futurenet is earning revenue Casinos ...  There is also the successful (optional) MATRIX or also called "Friends Tree", options to buy more advertising, a FUTURECOIN will be launched in fall and a FUTURENET CAFE Franchise will be available soon.

During my Futureadpro membership (since Aug 2016) I have never seen any changes made to the Futureadpro plan, only add ons, like the $10 packs (besides $50 packs), or more processor options (there are MANY options available). Things are going really well here!

New:  weekly webinars by the company, also webinars in different languages, more payout options, processors with 3 currencies (plus BTC) 

Find out more about Futurenet and Futureadpro here in my overview ...

Exciting new developments with Futurenet

Please watch the recording of the latest English Futurenet webinar from June 7, 2017, with owner Stephan Morgenstern. He is announcing some exciting NEWS and updates about the company. Watch it here  ....

These are exciting times :-) Do not miss this. 

Register here free ...
then wait for my email with step by step HOW TO GET STARTED.

Any questions, please contact me. 

Happy Earnings.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Exciting new developments with Futurenet

Just watching the recording of the latest English Futurenet * webinar from June 7, 2017, with owner Stephan Morgenstern. He is announcing some exciting NEWS and updates about the company, here are my notes.

This is a  - MUST WATCH - webinar !!

Watch the recording here (38 min)

We all know, that Dubai is the No. 1 Business Place in the world, Futurenet has now officially registered the companies and bank accounts in Dubai, and will very soon open its official office there as well.

No.2 place for Business is Hongkong, and Futurenet will be there too in the future with Bank accounts, offices, manager, customer support teams, as Stephan Morgensterns says, "Futurent makes always clever decisions". Webinar in Chinese coming out next week.

Last week Futurenet * had meetings in Las Vegas with top earners and team leaders.
More and more top leaders from other companies are joining Futurenet. Why? They find here the perfect combination of Social media and advertising, all in one place, plus the potential of the matrix and crypto currencies. BIG opportunities for huge profits. (The BIG Picture, special training video coming soon).

More events are planned this year in Europe and Macau, and Las Vegas.

Futuro Coin Launch:  Planned for Nov 2017 in Macau.

Official company offices in Brazil and Columbia are now open.

LuksPay will be available very soon, a very special payment system for the UK, created by Futurenet.  

Futurenet in the Casino Business, another form of external income source for Futureadpro *, real income.

Futurenet Cafe.  First Futurenet Cafe will open soon in Warzawa, Poland. Franchises are available, please see website for more info.

Futurenet MC debit card. Testing started now for the interface of the new e-wallet. Once everything is working, we will be able to receive our commissions to our own Futurenet card.

Creditcard payments will be available soon (without charge back option).

See STATS of countries at the end of the video.  


Fantastic Updates from Futurenet !!

I am very happy with Futurenet / Futureadpro. Please see also my overview here ..

Any questions, please let me know.

Join me here, once registered please wait for my welcome email with Step by Step to get started.

* What is Futurenet?

Futurenet  .....  has its own SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM (since Oct 2014) , has its own Revenue Sharing Advertising Platform called Futureadpro (since April 2016) , is a Shopping an Travel Portal , has REAL Products (capture pages, autoresponders, success system, blogging platform, cloud storage ...) , has REAL sponsored games and own games and also REAL Physical Products (Perfume, Coffee ...) , sponsors Sport Clubs ,  did I mention Revenue from Casinos ? , Futuro Coins coming soon , Futurenet Cafe coming soon , offices in several countries ................

Saturday, June 03, 2017

Always Build Your Own Leads List

Always build your own Leads List. Why? Because ... The Money is in Your Own List

The money is in your own leads list!

The leads list, YOUR leads list, belongs to YOU! It is your most important asset when you are involved with internet marketing and network marketing. It is YOURs, for many years to come.

So now, here, I have a question for you:

Why then would you build a list for somebody else when you can do it for yourself?

So often I see that many are advertising, marketing, emailing their affiliate programs without using a lead capture page. They are loosing all the leads to the company and they could easily CAPTURE LEADS for their OWN LIST.  And it’s really not so hard. All you need to do is ... find, create, make your own, lead capture site.

Choose the right Tools to build your own List

  • 1.)  You will need a website (there are free websites available like, or get a domain name and host our own
  • 2.)  a capture page to get your prospects to sign up for your info
  • 3.)  autoresponder to follow up with YOUR leads and spread the word about your business OR, create groups in your gmail and send emails out to your leads with BCC,
  • see also how to save time with Gmail's Canned Responses

Focus on building your list of leads and prospects, the more subscribers you have the better your income will grow and build your credibility in whatever you are trying to convey as your expertise.

Running a successful online business isn’t rocket science but it does require Commitment, Work, the  RIGHT TOOLS, and the right people around you. Start taking control of your future and be SUCCESSFUL. 

This is to YOUR Success!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

My Update About Passive Income

I continue working with Revshares, Mining and adding Crypto Trading to the mix

You have to have patience and persistence. Do not loose your "goal" out of sight, stay focused, and forget about all the new programs popping up every week, every month. ALWAYS visit FB groups, read updates, know what is going on. 

PASSIVE does not mean "doing nothing" . You want to earn money online, you have to do something. It is still "work". Online work. Difference, you are YOUR own boss, you set your hours, your speed. It is ALWAYS YOU being responsible for YOUR success. ALWAYS keep learning, stay informed, connect.

Unfortunately, not all Revshares last, only few, we have learned, Revshares do need external income sources, or they will fail. I still love 'em though. 3 left on my list, all 3 have external income soources in place, Theadsteam and Futureapro with Futurenet, are also doing leve events (seminars) regularly. 

Investment programs come and go, I am choosing only the ones with lower daily %, never join any HYIPs, they do not last.  Personally, I am interested in Crypto Trading, see below.

Mining is still profitable, and in my opinion will be for a while, especially with more crypto coins opening up for mining. Very happy with Genesis mining, they are paying like clock work, no clicking needed. 

Here they are, my TOP Revshares ...

More info about Mining with Genesis ...

My new Adventure, Crypto Trading with CrypTradeCaptial, see my overview here

Any questions, please contact me.


Happy Earnings !!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Theadsteam's response

Theadsteam's message in response to the recent event in the revshare industry (see my post from May 16, 2017). Members tend to panic, and to react in a negative way.

Online biz go up and down, can fail, can succeed, we can learn learn from mistakes made, and do it better next time. It is up to YOU. You can be successful, YOU are YOUR own success. Learn, Move On, Get Better.

This was posted in the TAT FB group May 16, 2017:

TheAdsTEAM Very Important Update:

Dear Members,
We are going to cross 100,000 Members very soon and I want to take this opportunity to congratulate everyone who is taking massive action right now and creating a huge momentum. We can really make TAT Best and the Biggest Platfrom ever if all of us take action now.

I also want to address those members who are feeling bit uncertain and confused because of the current situation of the Revshare Industry

Here is a message from TheAdsTEAM Management:

1- TheAdsTEAM Business Model is very different & unique to most of the programs out there. We have TAT Advertising, Academy & Shopping Platfrom which are growing day by day and bringing stability and longevity to the whole Platform.

2- Our Advertising Platfrom is experiencing very good and consistent growth right now. Our average sign up has gone up to 600-650+ per day. Our services are being delivered on time and all withdrawal requests are being processed on time.

3- Our members base is quite diverse. We have many countries doing great in sales & traffic and having a very healthy competition. We are not relying on a particular group or a country which is a very good sign for our platfrom.

4- We are always trying our best to be pro active and plan ahead. We implemented new features well in time and when it was required. These new features has helped us to generate more sales and keep all members & Leaders on their toes.

5- We are only 7 Months Old means we have not even started yet. We will soon cross 100k members and it will become 200k, 500k, 1Million very soon. Management and Leadership & every member is not going to rest until we achieve this target.

6- Our offline events are having huge impact on our growth and we will continue to push this business both offline and Online. Our upcoming events in Poland 27th May, Italy 17th June & London 1st July will play a very important part in the growth of our business.

6- Uncertainty & Rumours can Kill any business. There is no need for that in TAT. If we start talking or thinking negative then it will have a negative impact on our business. We can make this business either a Massive Success or a Failure, it's all in our hands. We need to promote this business with full confidence and let the time decide.

7- Promote TAT in a right & ethical way. Do not misrepresent the company or do not miss-sell the products.

Our sales are quite good and company is in a very good stable position but we can do better. Let's not be complacent and lets not take it for granted. Let's take responsibility and not let anyone spread uncertainty or rumours because as I said there is no need for that in TAT.

TAT is helping a lot of people worldwide and will continue to do so if we all push in one direction.

Note: TheAdsTEAM is not an investment platfrom, we are an online advertising company working on a Revenue/Rewards Share model. No income/earnings/rewards/revenue is guaranteed, all is dependent upon future sales.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

What happened to MPA-MyPayingAds?

It was a sad day, yesterday, when Uday Nara (Owner of MPA/MPCA) announced his decision to pause the revshare part of  MPA (Mypayingads) and MPCA (Mypayingdryptoads) for the time being.

The reason, more outflow than inflow, current revshare model showed to be not sustainable for the future. The plan, to turn MPA/MPCA into a Trafficexchange, which is very popular, increase member base, add more advertising options, add training for new members, add a few partner programs, so members can earn some additional income, then in 2018, Uday plans to re-start the revenue sharing part with an improved model, more members, more options.

In the meantime, Uday wants to give members, who were not in profit, their "seed money" back.
He did it before, after Paypal froze funds in 2015, and MPA had to restrt in March 2016. All members who started with MPA again, and were not in profit in 2015, did receive their seed funds back.

There was a hangout today, with Uay and admin team and Facebook group admins, Uday is very confident, his plan will work out, he said, that he loves the revshare model and knows it will work.

He asks all current members to help with the Trafficexchange, the new partner programs, so we all can start the revshare in 2018 again, with success, the potential is there to make is successful for many years to come, he says during the hangout.

Company Update with Uday Nara and the team.  May 16, 2017

Please watch hangout recording here: 

It was very informative and very inspiring and shows great confidence that MPA is going on to bigger and better things in the future.

Uday said he would refund all purchases made after May 10th. Uday has a Strategy in place to give back the SEED money back.

(purchases made from processor minus withdrawals = seed money)

REMEMBER:  In the terms and conditions (see MPA/MPCA reshare sites) it says, that there are NO refunds for purchases and Earnings are never guaranteed. And still, Uday wants to return seed money. This shows integrity and a passion that NO one actually loses their money they placed into the business. Think about this.

2 or 3 new partner programs will be added for external income.

MPA/MPCA will temporarily turn into a TrafficExchange.
This will help getting a lot more members to MPA/MPCA,
we can still continue to adverise our biz.

Everybody needs places to advertise, TE's are very popular.

Income generated from TE's and partner pograms will be used
to return seed money to members not in profit and to be able to
start again as a new Revshare in 2018.

TRAINING SECTION in back office will be filled with Training.
Online Income is the future for many people world wide, only few know how.

We are in a good position, to learn, improve, get started again.
Uday will NOT leave. We can all help make MPA/MPCA great again.


Monday, February 20, 2017

It is NOT too late to start Mining Bitcoins

Too many Questions ...

Bitcoins are becoming more and more "main stream". More and more people know about Bitcoins, have heard about it .. .  ,  think they know ;-)  but really, who hasn't heard about bitcoins by now. That may be ALL, heard it, but what is it ? How does it work? How to get some?

How to get your first Bitcoins? 

For many (most?) this is still a huge mystery.

I was there when Bitcoins started, followed for the first 2 years, then lost interest. Geez. One BIG Opportunity missed there.

However, although the train has left the station a while ago, the train has not arrived yet, it is NOT too late to pick up where I got off the train, I think it is NOW more important than ever to get back and continue learning.

Start receiving Bitcoins with MINING.

I had seen ads for a while, but somehow, MINING seemed "scary to me". Can't really explain.

In the beginning, years ago, you had to use your computer, download things, that's where I lost interest, was just too complicated for me.

Also, usually I like to know how things work, especially those things I am getting involved in. Mining though, I never understood.

The pressure is on though, not to miss the train again.

In the end, after watching a few videos, I saw there is nothing scary about MINING at all. And we are past the "must download stuff" mining, now its all in the CLOUDS ;-), or  have a look at the huge mining farms in China, Iceland ...

Learn Mining by Doing

YES! Gimmy SIMPLE please !!

And it is ... SURPRISE!

You join a MINING program (after some research, comparison ... as a newbie probably it is advisable to join those which are around for a while, less risk, makes sense?

So, you join, then you pay for a contract or a "kit".  As the company mines, .... (still a blank here for me)  .... you get paid either monthly, bi-weekly, daily ... depends on the company, output, profits etc.

Voila - you receive Bitcoins

Once you get started with Bitcoins, you can increase your Bitcoins also with Revshares.
The bitcoin value is rising constantly, now consider ... you get, earn, more bitcoins, these bitcoins raise in value ... even with some fluctuation and some days in between where the coin value "drops", the trans is UP, UP, UP.

So, keep learning, stay UP-TO-DATE. We do not have to know everything, but should know some things, the important stuff, and do not let  the"unknown", complicated developments, the future ..scare you.


P.S. For more info about the Bitcoin Value increase, Bitcoins Mining etc ... read more here