USI-TECH Overview

USI-TECH Overview

Let the Professional Traders trade for you,
no experience needed. 

  • Autotrading, software, mining
  • Since 2016, office in Dubai
  • Min. start with 50 Euro
  • btc, Payza, 2pay4you
  • daily average up to 1% (not fixed, Mo-Fri), monthly up to 22%, up to 140%*
  • withdrawals: daily, processing time: up to 1 day
    (can add funds with Payza, withdraw to BTC)
  • auto-reinvest, optional , once 50 Euro reached
  • NO monthly fees
  • weekly trading reports in back office, transparent, plus live reports on FXBlue 
  • weekly webinars, team hangouts
  • team support and FREE capture page for paid members
  • very good reviews
  • youtube channel

USI-TECH is operating for 8 years and opened for network marketing in November with their flagship product Forex. This is a game changer with the BTC PACKAGES launched MARCH 1ST 2017.

THIS IS THE PROGRAM for you, USI-TECH will be here for many many years.

Already a trusted reliable FX Trading Platform with amazing results in its own right (all trading reports are available in your back office and on FXBlue).

Each package is 50 Euros payable in bitcoin or with Payza, earnings can be withdrawn daily (to Payza ot BTC, your choice), once min. of 10 Euro is reached.

Profit is generated from: Trading and Crypto-Currency Mining Contracts. With every BTC Profit pack, a return of 40% is targeted over the term of 140 working days.

* 140 working days: The actual duration may vary due to the returns achieved. Return on Capital 40%: The amount of the return on capital is an intended but not guaranteed value.  Daily payout: The actual percentage is variable

It is easy to get started. 

Register here, then wait for my WELCOME email with more info and HOW to videos.