MyPayingCryptoAds - Overview

MyPayingCryptoAds - Overview

Update May 17, 2017:

New Update from Uday Nara.

The team has started refunding purchases made from the 10th May 2017 and onwards.
These are being processed once Support Tickets with the specific category 'Technical', are received.
The team are processing the ones they have received already.

(To receive "refund" of adpacks purchased after May 10, 
please submit a aupport ticket, category: technical)

Seed money purchase returns will begin in due time, as the new businesses begin to generate profit.
The time frame is up to three months for these to start and continue until complete.

Members are reminded when they purchased products on the platform, they agreed to the company 'Terms and Conditions'

Uday has made a commitment to pay back the 'seed money' subjected to the successful generation of the needed revenue, while under no obligation to do so.
Please read the following company Terms and Conditions.

Hangout overview from Tuesday 16th May 2017:

1. MPA/MPCA as per Plan B in your back office:
Account Activity - Admin Messages, will change to a traffic exchange on each site, effective this week.

2. All packs and earning balances will be set to zero.
You will keep your advertising credits to use in the new traffic exchanges.

3. 'Seed Money' - the total processor purchases, minus any withdrawals = total seed money, will be returned to members over the next few months, as sales from the 3 new products the business, will start in a couple of weeks.

4. The new traffic exchanges will attract online marketers and create sales on the two platforms.
It will have an upgrade membership of $10 per month and affiliate commission of 50%. Details to follow.

5. Once all seed money is paid back to the members and the 3 product businesses are bringing in steady income, Uday will plan to restart a MPA revenue share program in early 2018 as he still believe in the business model and can produce a stream lined effective platform moving forward.

Uday has made a commitment to return the seed money owed to members.
He wants to bring solid programs to the members, so they can grow their online programs.
Adjustments have had to be made for the longevity of MPA and MPCA.

The journey continues and Uday wants you to be a part of it.
More updates to follow.
Thank you

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