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STATS : Dec 20, 2016         Total Members : 13,528 
LAUNCHED: April 9     re- launched  Oct 27      ALEXA Ranking: 53,477

  • Over 13,500 members
  • 3 Adpack plans ($5, $25, $50)
  • NO forced repurchase
  • NEW: monthly membership fees, first level FREE
  • Commissions up to 3 levels
  • Withdrawals Mon - Fri 
  • Payza, STP, Perfect Money, Bitcoins, Payeer
  • Facebook group with owner**
  • NEW: incentives for team leaders

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**Who is owner/admin of MAS (MyAdStory)?

Owner and founder of MAS is Mahmoud Cherif ( who has a strong back ground in network marketing (7 yrs), he has a graphic design and IT company. He is living in Moncton, NB, Canada,
also part of hte team is his brother Becem Cherif (
Mahmoud gathered a team of top marketers, accountants, mathematicians, designers, IT experts, and script builders to make this a reality. Mahmout and Becem are both active in the FB group. 

Mahmoud Cherif in London (June 12) preparing for Event

    Julz Steve interviews Mahmoud Cherif, July 20, 2016


      Mas will have three external income sources plugged in
      Connected with a top Forex player
      Connected with top players in Real Estate market

      Looking forward to welcome you to my team!


      ** OFFICIAL UPDATE September 14th 2016 **
      We at MyAdStory understand the need for constant updates to our members. We want to stay in complete communication and provide updates whenever possible. With that being said, we can only provide an update when there is an update to be given. At this stage of the process, we are in the hands of our programmer and his team. When they’re able to give us an update, we can give all of you an update.
      If you remember on last week’s webinar, we had announced the changes that the new website will have, the new features, and that the programmer was starting to work on migrating all of the data to the new website. When we say all of the data, this means members accounts, their referrals, their account balances, and their AdPacks. Even though we will be reopening with a new plan with new AdPacks, that doesn’t mean that your old ones are gone. You just won’t be able to purchase those ones anymore.
      On to the update!
      The programmer contacted us yesterday and said that he has successfully transferred all of the data to the new website! Now with that came some changes that needed to be made for this to occur. Due the different structures between the two scripts and how data is stored, it wasn’t possible to transfer the AdCredits and bind them to AdPacks. The programmer has credited each account with 10 PTC credits, 10 Normal banner credits, and 10 constant banner credits per each active AdPack. This was the best approach that he could do. These are higher priced credits compared to the AdPack credits you received.
      The programmer and his team are now working on coding the changes needed and the new features. This includes:
      - KYC integration
      - Invoicing (NEW feature!)
      - New pay plan
      - Exposure Booster
      - Group feature
      He estimated that by the end of the week we will be able to have the design started. Currently the new design is being sketched out. This includes the color scheme, layout, and graphics needed. This will then be passed to the design team who can integrate this into the website. They cannot integrate the design until the main coding changes to the script are completed by the programmer and his team.
      We appreciate everyone’s support through this! We ask that you pass this along to your referrals and other members in MyAdStory so they can see this. We have noticed that there are many who still don’t know that we are moving to a new website.
      Thank you for your continued support!
      - CEO