FortAdPays Overview


Since : Nov 11, 2014
STATS : Sept 26, 2016
Total Members : 275,082
Total Payouts : $16,925,824
Alexa Ranking: 3,739

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Too many changes ...


1) The button “I quit” is now enabled and each member who wishes to quit the Company is now free to do. No one is obliged to stay in the Company and Fort Ad Pays is « opening the doors »  for those who want to leave.
2) Soon, members will be able to pay their  membership with their cash balance.
3) We are currently processing withdrawal requests by order of arrival. Therefore, new withdrawal requests will only be enabled when all pending payments are made.  These operations have to be compliant with the international  financial rules and regulations
The next date for withdrawal will be communicated in due course.
4) In short, the current $10 pack will no longer be available for purchase. A new pack , meeting the latest trend of the market, with the same characteristics and commissions will be set up. Once this new pack is programmed and launched, members will be notified by press release. They will be able to purchase this new pack only with external funds. On the other hand, they will have to withdraw funds to purchase additional packs, if this is their wish
5) Two Wallets will be activated:
– Wallet 1: the current cash and the re-purchase balance will be merged. With this new balance, the member will be able to buy any kind of advertising packs except the new packs with share earnings and he will be able to make withdrawals. Dates of withdrawal from wallet 1: whenever the pending withdrawal requests from wallet 1 have been processed, a new withdrawal date will be communicated in order to enable a new request for $ 10 to $ 2,000 per account. As it depends from the processing of the pending payments, we consider  either less or more than 14 days between the dates of payment process.
– Wallet 2:  set up for the  new pack’s commissions (either from network or shared revenues).  The balance of this wallet can only be used for withdrawals (one withdrawal request per 24 hours). Date of withdrawals from wallet 2 : Mondays to Sundays from $ 10 to $ 2,000. Payments will be processed between 24 and 72 « working » hours  by CoinPayments (thus the member can transfer funds to any bitcoin processors: Uphold, Blockchain, Xapo, CoinBase etc .. and then fund his different accounts as Payza, Advcach, etc.)
Withdrawals fees  are reduced from 5% to 2%
6) The new pack may be purchased by Advcash or CoinPayments with any bitcoin money (Uphold, Xapo, Coinbase, etc.), because these two processors do not retain the company’s funds for six months and they have low operational costs, which benefits the users.
This new pack will not be linked to a membership. Its cost will be the same price and generate the same commissions (network or shared commissions)  than the current $10 pack.   The member should only purchase this new pack by means of external fundings and withdrawals will be processed between 24 to 72 « working 2hours as requested by our clients
The launch date of the new pack will be communicated shortly.
The Management

  • More than 275 K members 
  • Surf 8 ads daily, any time 
  • Option to purchase SURF FREE time from $2/day 
  • by Fort Marketing Group 

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**registered Offshore Banks: Fort Bank Inc.

Please visit also the website: Frequently asked questions in FAQ
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April 26, 2016:  According to Worth of Web the value of Fort Ad Pays is 53.5 million, up 8.5 million in the last 2 months
June 6. 2016:  Fort Bank Inc. is a registered Offshore bank. New partnership between Fort Ad Pays and Uphold: "FortCoin" will be able to be exchanged to Bitcoin. "Fortcoin" will be a real crypto currency. Coming soon ..
Aug 3, 2016: withdrawals via bitcoins, $10 packs earn 100% to cash b 
Sept 1, 2016: withdrawals every 14 days, BTC only, new membership fee coming soon
Sept 5, 2016: Paid out over 34K to members, next withdrawal Sept 19, 2016
Sept 13, 2016: New change again ... 

What is Fort Ad Pays...?

Fortadpays is an advertising platform for users, merchants and companies to advertise their products or services.

Furthermore, Fort Ad Pays shares a high percentage of its earnings with his active customers that have bought revenue share packs, also called shares.

FAP started on Nov 11, 2014 and has now over 274K members.

Who is the owner of Fort Ad Pays?

President: Pedro Fort
Fort Marketing Group is a business group with many projects in sectors and countries in upward trend:

- Property
- Raw Material
- Online Advertising
- Online Shops
- Manufacture and development of own products
- ISO Certifications
- Sports betting company

Products – Services 

Advertising services with or without revenue share.

Ads without revenue share:

  • Login Ads are the pop-up advertisings that we see every time we log in the back office of Fort Ad Pays.
  • PTC Ads. Guaranteed visitors, visitors earn money each time they click on the AD.
  • PPC Ads. The advertiser is charged per visitor who clicks his website.
  • Text Ads are ads that have no graphics, just text. 
  • Banner Ads. These can be fixed or animated.

What is the revenue share...?

Revenue Share means to share a percentage of the company earnings between all the customers that have bought our revenue share packs, also called shares, and met the requirement of surfing 8 Ads per day or buy a surf free plan.

The company shares equitably the 75% of all packs sold between all the customers that have bought that packs and are qualified..