Monday, July 10, 2017

My TOP Three Passive Income Opportunities

Who doesn't want to earn money online, either to add some additional income for special projects or vacation, or to replace a "job" income. What about creating more time freedom for you an your family? Maybe you just want to start earning and increasing your bitcoins?

There are many ways to do just that, selling products on Amazon or Ebay, joining MLM companies, and recruit distributors, joining "money" lines, and "matrixes", then there are revenue sharing programs and affiliate programs. Lots to choose from, some require you to learn different marketing styles as well. Some ways require you to pay entry fees, some charge monthly fees, some are free to join.

Now, there are also ways to earn money online as a "newbie" or one with less experience and no entry fees, and no monthly fees and that is really very good news, agreed?

Here are my top three "passive income" opportunities:


What is Futurenet? Can't really say in one sentence ... it is ...

Futurenet started in 2014, with the social media platform (now over 1.49 MILL members), then in April 2016 launched Futureadpro (advertising with revshare). But there is more ...  Matrix, Marketing tools, Apps, Shopping and Travel portal, Futurenet products, Futurenet Cafe, Future coin (coming soon), external revenue coming also from games, casinos, car leases,  Futurenet is always expanding.

Easy to get started, no monthly fees, the matrix is a "secret" gem, simple, with no extra requirements and starts with just a one time $10. Futurenet is a stable long term income opportunity, the longer I am a member, the more I like it.

This one is not to be missed. Get for more info here ...


USI-TECH will be here for many many years. Great company run by professional. Already a trusted reliable FX Trading Platform with amazing results in its own right (all trading reports are available in your back office and on FXBlue).
Each Bitcoin package is 50 Euros payable in bitcoin or with Payza, earnings can be withdrawn daily (to Payza ot BTC, your choice), once min. of 10 Euro is reached. Average daily earnings are about 0.8-1%. This is a Real Great Passive Income Stream.
Profit is generated from: Trading and Crypto-Currency Mining Contracts. With every BTC Profit pack, a return of 40% is targeted over the term of 140 working days.

Must see, get more info here ...


Genesis Mining was founded at the end of 2013. Genesis Mining is a real company with real people. Genesis Mining offers simple mining. Bitcoin mining contracts are "open - ended " , meaning, mining and payouts will continue as long as mining is profitable.

This is a great way to earn more Bitcoins or other coins passively.

It is easy to get started, once registered I will send you a step by step guide and a discount code.

This is hands off, automatic, you can earn BTC or other coins like ETH everyday.

Find out more about Genesis-Mining here ...

As always, if you have any questions, please contact me, best on Facebook

I researched, watched reviews, compared, got started and tested. I am very confident that these three passive income opportunities will be here for a long time. But do not forget, before you join, any program or company, ALWAYS read the terms and the disclaimers on the websites!

To Your Success !!