Thursday, February 09, 2017

My Passive Income Streams Update

Still working with my Revshares, and I am LOVING IT :-)

Also added BTC mining to the mix. What can I say, I love "passive income streams".

It is all going really well, you have to have patience and persistence. Do not loose your "goal" out of sight, stay focused, and forget about all the new programs popping up every week, every month.

There can always be a delay caused by website maintenance, server upgrades, server moves, DDOS attacks .... BUT, if you just keep going forward, even it may feel sometimes you are going back ward, you will reach your goal.  

Updated "Passive " income streams list (May 20, 2017) : read more here
Here they are, my TOP Revshares :

My Top Revshares List

Please click the Revshare name to go to overview page
(stats, key points, updates, how it works, how to get started ...)


Over 266K members, NO repurchase rule, Payza, STP, Perfectmoney, Bitcoins, 2pay4you, 4 adpack levels (can start with any, no minimum requirements), return 120%..., paying daily, MPA is running very well ..., in my opinion, this is the No.1 Revshare around ...

since Nov 10, 2016,  (sister program of MPA), already over 50,000 members, as the name says, revshare with crypto currency only, bitcoin at start, more coins to come later, runs very well 

since Oct 15, 2016, over 49,000 members, No Membership feesNO forced repurchase, 3 adpack plans ($10, $25, $50, can start with any), Withdrawals 7 days a week, Payza, STP, Perfectmoney, BTC, Payeer, Retail Affiliate programs (see website)..., running well

Over 900K users in Futurenet, Revshare program (since April 2016), $50 adpacks and $10 adpacks, earning up to 120%, no forced repurchase, no monthly fees, earnings posted every 15 min ... , fully set up system with professional tools (capture pages, autoresponders, media hosting etc available), several ways to earn , great management from Europe, tons of external income, amazing Online Biz!!  option to withdraw in GOLD coming very soon  ..

Over 212K members, NO member fees, NO forced repurchase, simple, $50 Adpacks, PLUS MOBILE APP plus MOBILE ADPACKS (never done in any revshare before), great support system, withdrawals 7 days a week, Payza, STP, Bitcoins, Bank wire ..., running well :-)

Happy Earnings !!

P.S. I'd be thrilled if you want to join me in one or the other,
if you like, contact me via FB, maybe you have questions? And you can also 
subscribe to my email list here .. See ya.