Friday, August 07, 2015

My TOP Revshare Programs Update - How are they doing?

This year, the summer over here in British Columbia at the Sunshine Coast is just perfect, and I am spending as much time as I can with my family and away from the home office and the PC.

Earlier, in spring,  I started working with several revshare (revenue sharing) programs,and here is my update, how things are going, and have developed over the least few months:

Let's start with 

MyPayingAds - my absolute FAV program:

Now 4 months old, over 21K members, MPA is growing everyday by an average of 500 new members ..
one of the things I love about MPA - here are NO membership fees ever :-)

Very stable program, Uday Nara (owner, lives in Singapore) must have hit the PERFECT ratio of shares and limits and % ... (more and more other revshare owners are now looking for consultation with Uday Nara.)

Earning average is about 4-5% per day (depending on plan). We have NEVER experienced a slow down. Withdrawals have ALWAYS been paid out in time. Minimum funding is $5, the more you can start with, the faster you'll earn, right?! Earnings are posted every 30 min. 

Traffic is also very good, I have received many leads already through my MPA banner advertising.
Currently I am saving my cash balance 3 days a week, the other 4 days is 100% repurchasing for me :-)

Earnings disclaimer: Results are not typical, your results will depend how you work and build your business.


Another FAV program, this works well since Oct 2014.

Different set up, for example, here is no forced repurchase, NO  monthly membership fee, here is only ONE plan ($50) available, withdrawals are almost instant, FREE PPC is available to earn extra or to start free (BONUS:  referrers earn 100% matching bonus from referrals PPC clicks).

Anyhow, I started slow (May 23) , with one pack, and I am buying new packs from my earnings, it is growing very nicely. Earnings are about 2% plus a day, very steady. Earnings are posted every 60 min.

I stumbled upon this impressing post from Charles Scoville (owner of TM, currently in UK) this week in our TM Facebook group:

Here is my balance from Aug 7, 2015

Earnings disclaimer: Results are not typical, your results will depend how you work and build your business.


Risingtraffic (owner is John Petersburg from UK) started June 30, with a few hick ups and earnings have been stable since then. RT also offers PPC earnings for FREE members but as of now there have not been many PPC ads purchased and posted. As in TM (Trafficmonsoon), RT also has NO forced repurchase, and NO membership fees. One plan/adpack only available ($35). 

Withdrawals are paid out fast without any issues. Earnings are a bit slow, just under 2% per day, still faster than with the classic MAP. Earnings are posted every 60 min. 


I added PAC to my repertoire today. It has launched about 2 weeks ago with one plan, and has now added several plans to the mix, which will be launched tomorrow, in a few hrs (Aug 8).

The owner Chamzy Rithz (she lives in Japan), has modelled her revshare program after MPA and is consulting with Uday Nara (MPA). Earnings have been very good the first few days, and are currently about 4-5% per day, with special spikes on weekends (6-8%). As with MPA, here is NO member fee. Here are the new plans for PAC. Since it is similar to MPA, it can only be good. 

You can start with $10 to test the waters ... I will keep you updated how this goes. 


PSE launched on March 13 (after a few re-launches, YES, Jansen Smith, the owner (living in USA) does NOT give up ever!! ).

Earnings were really good for the first 2 months, then it slowed down, and it looked as if all were to go under, BUT, Jansen Smith was able to turn it around. He consulted with Uday Nara (owner of MPA) and voila, PSE did  nicely recover for a while and shares were earning well again for over 4 weeks....  

UPDATE Aug 21, 2015: PSE stopped allowing funding and withdrawals are limit to members without profit, PSE is going to change the plans and it looks like it will be a restart of PSE, more details coming soon. 

I LOVE my revshares, these work really well (except for Proshareextreme at the moment), you will earn if you recruit or not, if you go out and play or not, the only requirement is to surf ads daily (surf free plans can be purchased in all programs) and to put your earnings back and purchase new adpacks to grow your account. 

My TIP: get in, get adpacks, check the group for updates, get your seed money out as soon as you can, then work with your profits,= NO Risk!! :-)  add another revshare, repeat ... 

Many of us have been burnt too many times, finally something with good results.

Happy earnings,

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ALWAYS check out the terms, the earning disclaimers, earnings mentioned above are averages . Revshares are NOT an investment, you purchase advertising packs and the companies above  share revenue with their members ...