Monday, February 20, 2017

It is NOT too late to start Mining Bitcoins

Too many Questions ...

Bitcoins are becoming more and more "main stream". More and more people know about Bitcoins, have heard about it .. .  ,  think they know ;-)  but really, who hasn't heard about bitcoins by now. That may be ALL, heard it, but what is it ? How does it work? How to get some?

How to get your first Bitcoins? 

For many (most?) this is still a huge mystery.

I was there when Bitcoins started, followed for the first 2 years, then lost interest. Geez. One BIG Opportunity missed there.

However, although the train has left the station a while ago, the train has not arrived yet, it is NOT too late to pick up where I got off the train, I think it is NOW more important than ever to get back and continue learning.

Start receiving Bitcoins with MINING.

I had seen ads for a while, but somehow, MINING seemed "scary to me". Can't really explain.

In the beginning, years ago, you had to use your computer, download things, that's where I lost interest, was just too complicated for me.

Also, usually I like to know how things work, especially those things I am getting involved in. Mining though, I never understood.

The pressure is on though, not to miss the train again.

In the end, after watching a few videos, I saw there is nothing scary about MINING at all. And we are past the "must download stuff" mining, now its all in the CLOUDS ;-), or  have a lok at the huge mining farms in China, Iceland ...

Learn Mining by Doing

YES! Gimmy SIMPLE please !!

And it is ... SURPRISE!

You join a MINING program (after some research, comparison ... as a newbie probably it is advisable to join those which are around for a while, less risk, makes sense?

So, you join, then you pay for a contract or a "kit".  As the company mines, .... (still a blank here for me)  .... you get paid either monthly, bi-weekly, daily ... depends on the company, output, profits etc.

Voila - you receive Bitcoins

Once you get started with Bitcoins, you can increase your Bitcoins also with Revshares.
The bitcoin value is rising constantly, now consider ... you get, earn, more bitcoins, these bitcoins raise in value ... even with some fluctuation and some days in between where the coin value "drops", the trans is UP, UP, UP.

So, keep learning, stay UP-TO-DATE. We do not have to know everything, but should know some things, the important stuff, and do not let  the"unknown", complicated developments, the future ..scare you.


P.S. For more info about the Bitcoin Value increase, Bitcoins Mining etc ... read more here

Thursday, February 09, 2017

My Passive Income Streams Update

Still working with my Revshares, and I am LOVING IT :-)

Also added BTC mining to the mix. What can I say, I love "passive income streams".

It is all going really well, you have to have patience and persistence. Do not loose your "goal" out of fight, stay focused, and forget about all the new programs popping up every week, every month.

There can always be a delay caused by website maintenance, server upgrades, server moves, DDOS attacks .... BUT, if you just keep going forward, even it may feel sometimes you are going back ward, you will reach your goal.  

Here they are, my TOP Revshares :

My Top Revshares List

Please click the Revshare name to go to overview page
(stats, key points, updates, how it works, how to get started ...)


Over 266K members, NO repurchase rule, Payza, STP, Perfectmoney, Bitcoins, 2pay4you, 4 adpack levels (can start with any, no minimum requirements), return 120%..., paying daily, MPA is running very well ..., in my opinion, this is the No.1 Revshare around ...

since Nov 10, 2016,  (sister program of MPA), already over 50,000 members, as the name says, revshare with crypto currency only, bitcoin at start, more coins to come later, runs very well 

since Oct 15, 2016, over 49,000 members, No Membership feesNO forced repurchase, 3 adpack plans ($10, $25, $50, can start with any), Withdrawals 7 days a week, Payza, STP, Perfectmoney, BTC, Payeer, Retail Affiliate programs (see website)..., running well

Over 900K users in Futurenet, Revshare program (since April 2016), $50 adpacks and $10 adpacks, earning up to 120%, no forced repurchase, no monthly fees, earnings posted every 15 min ... , fully set up system with professional tools (capture pages, autoresponders, media hosting etc available), several ways to earn , great management from Europe, tons of external income, amazing Online Biz!!  option to withdraw in GOLD coming very soon  ..

Over 212K members, NO member fees, NO forced repurchase, simple, $50 Adpacks, PLUS MOBILE APP plus MOBILE ADPACKS (never done in any revshare before), great support system, withdrawals 7 days a week, Payza, STP, Bitcoins, Bank wire ..., running well :-)

Happy Earnings !!

P.S. I'd be thrilled if you want to join me in one or the other,
if you like, contact me via FB, maybe you have questions? And you can also 
subscribe to my email list here .. See ya.

Monday, October 17, 2016

MyPayingAds My TOP Revshare

MPA is running VERY WELL, is processing payouts every day, and the advertising is just super.
In fact, I am getting the most leads from my ads in MPA, promoting the FREE Lead System or one of my capture pages.

MPA is my TOP Revshare :-)

Here are today's STATS:

Payouts : $15,806,199.84
Withdrawals are being processed EVERY DAY of the week and have never been late !

Total Members : 191,149
2,574 new members came in last week !

Alexa Ranking : 4178
This number  is constantly moving up.


Today, Uday Nara (owner of MPA) announced BIG HUGE NEWS in the facebook group.

The MPA admin team has been working on "this" for the last few months in the back ground.

He writes:

"Dear All,
Hope you had a good weekend.

It has been an exciting 18 months journey at MPA serving everyone of you in delivering high quality traffic and revenue sharing rewards.

Many of you have seen excellent results in terms of quality traffic/leads/sales to your programs, services or products and have received huge earnings through revenue sharing rewards. There are some of you who have been introduced to internet marketing for first time through MPA. We are very proud of your success and we are sure that you will see many more successes like this in the future.

We are so proud that we have never missed a single payment for the last 18 months and have also risen well from paypal limitation crisis happened in Dec 2015. There were many programs (at least up to 10 programs or so) which have suffered from paypal limitation and none of them have succeeded in successful continuation after the crisis for many different reasons.

It has not been easy for us too, but we worked very hard to make things possible. We are extremely happy to see that no member has lost any money through MPA for the last 18 months.

Through out this journey we have learned and mastered the necessary skills on how a big advertising platform like MPA can be run successfully and have gained the trust, respect and branding.

We now want to expand our portfolio to serve you and others further. Hence, we will be bringing something big in the near future and the details will be provided very soon. It has not been done big in the way that we are planning and it will become an epic program just like MPA. Please stay tuned and be ready to receive the details soon.

We hope to release the details in 1-2 days time. Have a great week ahead.
Best Regards,
MPA Management"

I am looking forward to see what the next update will be all about and ... no. I do not have a clue what this could be ;-)

My current MPA stats are:

"My results are not typical:
This proof of earnings is not a guarantee that you would earn the same, but it is possible to earn this much or more with an equal or greater strategy and work ethic."
Last withdrawal:

We have weekly hangouts as well,
watch this weeks recording hwith Keithy Broome (39 min)

Want to know more about Mypayingads? Please read my MPA overview here ...

To Your Success !!

P.S. Join MPA here, registration is FREE, then wait for my welcome email with the next steps ..

Saturday, September 10, 2016

What is new in the Revshare World?

Keeping up-to-date with all the programs and revshares and what's going on out there in the "revshare' world, can be, is,  a "full time job". Can be also overwhelming to keep up with everything ;-)

One has definitely learn to prioritize, you cannot do it all, it is important to find out where your main interest lies, what you prefer to do, with whom you prefer to work together, or maybe you prefer to work rather by yourself?

Anyway, I took some time off this summer, had to take a break from Facebook, wanted to get out more and spend more time with family and friends. I really had a wonderful time, I should do that more often. Coming back to "working from home", "making money online", I know what I prefer and what I like.


I just do, I don't like cyclers, and I am not too much into matrixes either.

A lot has happened in the "revshare" world. And I am sorry to say, some didn't make it.

Sometimes you just don't know, and sometimes something big happens as big "surprise", be it positive or negative.

Here is first some OLD news

Traffichubb which started March 1 I believe suddenly stopped working end of May, the plan was or is ? to send seed money back to members (some did receive, some didn't) and then to start new with new? plan.
For many weeks now, the owners have not posted any updates in their FB group, Apparently, disputes are now stopping or delaying the re-start. Updates would be nice, they lost me there, no updates, no thank you, will not restart with Traffichubb.

Ventureplugtraffic, what an adventure, members really waited it out and stuck with it and VPT was running despite all the Paypal dilemma and changes of plans in between, VPT kept running through it all, then Paypal released funds, old adpacks were reactivated, and then .... VPT could not continue, not enough reserves, not enough new sales ... too bad really.

Trafficmonsoon, members were just about to receive all the "frozen" Paypal adpacks and funds when all of a sudden the SEC comes in and takes down the website and starts investigating. Hm... , we TM members are NOT investors, we bought advertising, now the SEC took our ads away ... hearing is on Sept 23, 2016 in Utah, many members will attend too, made videos, signed affidavits, donated funds for the legal costs .. members are standing behind Charles Scoville, we hope and pray .. for updates re. Trafficmonsoon please visit this website here ...  

Myadstory, what a story really, was running quite well, Mahmoud Cherif works around the world, around the clock, always on the go, he has big plans and ideas for MAS, and then ... it got too much, all these DDOS attacks, hackers wanting to bring MAS down .. since a new website with custom script was on the to do list anyway, and adding more security, and current host was not up to it, I think it was the best choice to take the website down, run the back ups, get new hosting with much more security, and since the site is down anyway, why not take this time to get going on the custom script.

A few days ago, the new plans and adpacks have been announced during a hangout with some of the leaders and Mahmoud. See changes and hangout here.  Oh well then, no one likes changes too much, but if it is for the best and for LONGEVITY, I am ok with it and will get used to the new packs. It may take another 2 weeks until Myadstory will be back up and running again. Oh, and a monthly fee will be added too (still there will be a FREE level for beginners).

So, which revshare is working still?

Mypayingads, started last year March 2015, had to stop operations in Jan 2016 because of Paypal, restarted March 2016 with new and better plan, in July/August, Paypal released frozen funds, and MPA did pay out all the seed moneys from last year, to those who were not in profit, and members were able to transfer funds to other processor balances.

MPA continues to grow everyday and pays out everyday and is just working well :-) Reserves are in place too. Financially MPA is stable according to Uday Nara (see hangout from Aug 15, 2016). To be and stay fully compliant, MPA added a monthly fee (several levels), however, first level adpacks stay FREE, no monthly fee needed for beginners (for the first 100 packs).

Fortadpays, what an up and down during the last few months! BUT, surprise, FAP seems to be recovering, on Aug 1 FAP added new $10 packs, the "old" $1 packs are still running just earning less and only to repurchase balance, new packs earn 100% to cash balance, withdrawals are open, this time however only every other Monday, and only as bitcoins (regardless how you paid for your adpacks). We will see how it goes, so far so good, members have been paid on Sept 5 (first withdrawal run). I am glad it is going and paying again.

Once thing is for sure, to be successful with revshares, you have to, you MUST, keep up-to-date, visit the Facebook groups often, know what's going on. It is your money, your time. Learn about the programs you are in, check out the websites, back office, watch videos... I see it again and again, many "members" have no clue, and they don't take time or make the effort to find things out either, ... this I do not really understand. If you do it right, and get involved, take it serious, you will come out ahead and be successful.

I added new revshares to my TOP revshare list, check it out here, I will write about the new ones next time, in another post.

Cheers, and Happy Earnings!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

MyAdStory in PRELaunch NOW

Yesterday I was on a hangout (see below) about a new revshare, which is planned to launch on April 8.... and ....

I was impressed....

... one of the features which I have never seen anywhere else, is, as a member in MyAdStory, you will be part of the MAS Mixer.

What is the MAS Mixer?

Imagine ...
... Everyday you have the chance to earn 5% commission from another member, even if he/she is not your referral.

How does that work?

The MAS Mixer is an EXCLUSIVE system in MyAdStorey where EVERYONE will have a new ACTIVE referral under them EVERYDAY that the earn 5% off all purchases made! This means, if you find it difficult to recruit, the job will be done for you and you may end up with a big spender under you some days, absolutely effortlessly!

This is very different to those "rotator systems" where it only benefits the first 5% of members and everyone else can expect to wait many months if not YEARS to receive their first direct referral!!

I can tell you so much, there has never been something like this before.
YES, and ALL active (NO monthly member fees) members will benefit from the mixer.

So, what is MyAdStory?

MyAdStory is a very well planned revshare, the owner (info below) took his time to research, to get his team together, to plan and  make some changes ..  ...and the result looks very good.

Who is the owner/admin?

Owner and founder of MAS is Mahmoud Cherif ( who has a strong back ground in network marketing (7 yrs), he has a graphic design and IT company. He is living in Moncton, NB, Canada. Mahmoud gathered a team of top marketers, accountants, mathematicians, designers, IT experts, and script builders to make this a reality

The MAS Ad Plan:

It is SIMPLE, there are only 2 adplans, earnings between 125% and 200% !!,

Ad-Pack Plan 1:
Cost of AdPack: $1
Banner Credits: 2
Traffic Exchange Surfing Credits: 100
Revenue Sharing Rewards (Non-Guaranteed Additional Rewards): Upto 200%
50% repurchase Rule
Maximum active adpacks one can have: 12000

Ad-Pack Plan 2:
Cost of AdPack: $50
Banner Credits: 5000
Traffic Exchange Surfing Credits: 1200
Revenue Sharing Rewards (Non-Guaranteed Additional Rewards): Upto 125%
40% repurchase rule
Maximum active adpacks one can have: Unlimited

Oh, and another nice surprise, there is NO monthly membership fee.

I recommend that you register now, because this is growing FAST, today there are already over
1900 members ...

To your success,

P.S. Want to watch the hangout? Please go here now ...
Don't know how a revshare works? Go here and find out ...

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

How to Brand Yourself on Facebook

using these Facebook strategies ...

and this works just the same on G+ or other social media sites.

My "How to Brand Yourself" Treasure Map


First of all, do SOMETHING, every day, "consistency" is key here.
Start a daily routine, make yourself a "daily action guide".

You will only see results and success when you are consistent and follow this plan DAILY!

“You cannot do the right thing on a consistent basis and receive the wrong results!”

These strategies do require effort. They require serious dedication and consistent action but if you do take massive action on this, over the next couple of months you’re going see good results and see success and start making a good income just from FB. But you MUST be consistent on a daily basis!

You cannot just "try this" for a few days and say..."oh, that does not work ..." and then stop. Of course, then it will not work. You may not see results overnight, it may take some time, but I promise you, do this a few weeks, a few months, and you will see results and will grow your friends list and you will get more followers ...

Daily Action Plan (examples)

Status Updates

1. Check all your new notifications on your Facebook personal profile.

2. Respond to everyone who commented on your posts, responds to your status updates, and those who are asking questions on your profile.

3. Respond to all messages in your Facebook personal profile inbox. Don’t forget to check the “Other” box as well ;) Take time to actually look at others' profiles.

4. Post a status update on your Facebook profile several times throughout the day. Give VALUE, donʼt pitch! Be sure to always come back each day and interact with those who have interacted
on your status updates.

5. Comment on 5 or more friends’ statuses. You can do this in groups as well.

6. Send a few positive messages every day. NO Pitching!!

7. When someone friend requests you, post a thank you on their wall. This continues to build the relationship.


Set up your Fanpage and link your Fanpage to your Personal profile (work). Post something of value or motivational on your fan page daily. E.G. take the most liked and responded to post from your profile page and share it on your fanpage.

TIP: The Fanpage should be about YOU! Not about a company. It’s about BRANDING YOU!

How to find new contacts in Facebook groups

Go to the Internet Marketing groups or other groups that you are a member of
(IM, Internet Marketing, MLM ...).

1. Click on the members tab.
2. Sort the members tab by join date.
3. Send the following message to several  people, one by one.

Please modify the message where needed. You are looking to make friends with this message, NOT sell anything. I repeat, DO NOT PITCH. DO NOT SPAM.  You are not trying to sell anything. In your conversations with them ONLY mention your company if asked.

Ask what they are doing and offer help or suggestions based on your current knowledge…

Also you are NOT to join any new opportunities. If they offer just ask them to send you a link or better yet a breakdown of the company’s comp plan so that you can compare it with how you are currently being paid.

Reach out, comment, and answer questions and interact daily.

Sample Script (example only)
Hey [their name],
How are things? Hope all is well. Just came across you in the ...  group. Have you been into
Internet marketing long? If you like, message me back, so maybe we can share some ideas?
Have a great day. Thanks [your name]

TIP: Before replying to a new message look at the person’s profile so that you can use their information to better communicate with them! DO NOT (NEVER) just ADD FRIENDS!!!! Facebook will “punish” you if you add too many friends a day (more than 4 !) or when you add friends every day. Always let people add you.


To YOUR Success!

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

3 WAYS to build YOUR Email List FREE

NEVER underestimate the value of having your own email list.

Your email list is your most important asset when you are marketing online.

Let me show you 3 FREE WAYS to build YOUR own email list for FREE. YES, it's all FREE.


FIRST you do need a capture page
, a website where prospects can enter their email address to have access to more information. This is VERY important. You need a way to "capture" email addresses of your 'leads".

I have just the tool for you ;-) It is FREE and is called the "FREE LEAD SYSTEM".

The system is already set up for you with capture pages, sales pages PLUS you receive an autoresponder with pre-written emails to follow up. I have also banners for you you can use, if you want to promote your FREE LEAD SYSTEM in traffic exchanges, or pay per click sites, revenue sharing sites etc. (FLS - Free Lead System is part of the Power Lead System, owned by Priceless Possibilities.)

For example, I am using the Free Lead System successfully with my Revshare programs. As a member of a revenue sharing advertising program, I buy advertising packages, which give me plenty of banner credits, and I can use those for promoting my banners (for FLS or other free or low offers). It's a WIN WIN :-)


A different way to get FREE leads is by posting in social media, for example, post on your Facebook timeline about the project you are working on, working with, the program you are having success with,

share your results, what you have learned, how the team helped you etc..., then offer to send information by email, and ask your Facebook friends who are interested, to send you a private message with their email address. VOILA, then copy paste the emails to your email account/contact manager.

To save a LOT of time, check out my blog post about Gmail's Canned Responses and how it works.

When you email to your list through your email account, do not forget to use BCC and to add a "unsubscribe" option to your email.


Have you tried blogging? Start your own blog, for example with Blogger, or Wordpress.... I love using Blogger, and here is why?

First, it is very easy to set up, Blogger has great step by step instructions, you can choose from different templates, choose different back ground, you can customize the fonds, and colours, you can make it "mobile" friendly with one click of a button... 

Secondly, Google search engine LOVES Blogger ;-), US members can add their own domain name (the rest of the world hopefully soon too). You can integrate Google Analytics and site feed. You can post or share your blog on G+, ...  (Go to, check the support link for the getting started guide.)

Anyway, here you have 3 FREE ways  to build YOUR own email list. Once you have your list, you can promote and share any offers, opportunities, online programs, .. with your list.  Best is to combine all 3 ways I shared with you here today, the blog, capture pages, and social media.

And here is my TIP of the day:  Do not make the mistake and build other peoples' lists! Why would you build a list for somebody else, when you can do it for yourself? When you promote programs or opportunities without having YOUR own capture page, you lose all leads to the company you are promoting. Better build YOUR own, now you know how.

Focus on building your list of leads and prospects, most will start following you for years to come. :-)

This is to YOUR Success!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Save Time with Gmail's Canned Responses

Hey all you Gmail users, do you know what "canned responses" are and how to use "canned responses"?

I am using Canned Responses for year, but notice that many of the Gmail users have never heard about.

Canned Responses is one of my BEST Time Savers, and also it seems one of the BEST kept Secrets.

With Canned Responses you can pre-write email, for example I am using it for my "welcome to my team" or pre-written "canned" follow up emails, if I want to add a more personal note then just using my autoresponders.

Here is how you can set it up very easily.

Go to your GMAIL, and go to SETTINGS.

1. Click the Labs tab (in your settings).

find Canned Responses,
2. click the Enable radio button to enable Canned Responses, scroll down and click Save Changes.

3. Compose an email message you'd like to use over and over again (e.g. a welcome email to your new team member), and then click the arrow in the lower right-hand corner of the message window.

You can also google it or search on Youtube for a "how to set up 'Canned Responses' video.

Hope this SUPER time saver Tip helps you too :-)

To Your Success!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

My Revshare Update

So far, in my experience, Revshares can be a very good source of online income and a good place for advertising online biz and programs.

The "trick" is to find the good ones, and sometimes it also has to do with just being lucky. Sometimes, you really never know how it will work out in the end, we have seen many revshares fail over the last year others "made it" and have grown to a huge membership.

Some failed because of missing biz plan, or owner went missing, or missing reserve funds in processors, and then of course, some were not using a "good" revshare plan, e.g. set earnings too high and  then the program was not sustainable.

Others have been successful because of transparent leadership, experienced owners, business plans, and successful apdack plans.

VenturePlugTraffic (had to pause back in Nov. because Paypal is holding funds), re-started this week, without Paypal this time, same adplans, NO forced repurchase. Let's see how that goes ..

I added TrafficnCash to my revshare list. TnC started in Oct 2015 with experienced owner Jean Duclerne. One adpack/plan, it runs well, fast payouts so far, earnings are about 4% a day, TNC has a monthly member fee, however, the membership is free for the first 10 adpacks.

Also new on my list is Trafficgoals, owner from Singapore, and TG actually had a successful Paypal review just before Christmas. Runs well, adpacks start with $1.

Trafficmonsoon shared news today that they are opening their own world bank in Dubai, to be independent from 3rd party processors and move away from Paypal (PP is still available for purchases, withdrawals at the moment only available with Payza and STP.) this is exciting news, imagine, having your own TM debit card :-)

MPA is still under Paypal review, Uday Nara wrote in today's update, that "MPA management has taken the decision to wait until we know the revised terms and conditions of PayPal so that we can get the approval to use PayPal at our program." Until then, "Add funds" and Withdrawals are on hold for AL processors.

Loving the Revshares, I may add another one or two, will keep you updated.

Let's continue to stay positive, I am, but I will slowly move away from Paypal, and I recommend, to set up a Payza account if you haven't done so already, and a STP account. Verifications can take some time, better get it done now.

Happy Earnings! :-)

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Questions about MyPayingAds

My Interview with Kudakwashe Sape Tshuma, republished with Kudakwashe's permission.

Kudakwashe Sape Tshuma 

Kudakwashe Sape Tshuma is an internet marketer and affiliate marketer based in Zimbabwe, Kudakwashe is an African Lead Project Manager for a UK based company that specialises in Virtual Assistance and runs a personal blog ( He has been involved in Online Marketing Business for over 3 years. During this time he has been featured on national radio and newspaper following his success with Facebook marketing. Kuda’s signature Social Media program is in demand around the country (Zimbabwe).

Kudakwashe Sape Tshuma : I have met Birgit a few years ago on a training program by Mark Hoverson. We learnt priceless knowledge from Mark’s wisdom. Since then we partnered in different programs and I have decided to ask her a few questions about MYPAYINGADS.

Q - Kudakwashe Sape Tshuma : What is so good about MyPayingAds ?

A - Birgit Jurock : It is a great program to advertise your online business (Alexa rankings as of Sept 9: 5,833). I addition, MPA offers a great way to make money online by sharing it's revenue with its members.

Q - Kudakwashe Sape Tshuma : Can you give us a little bit of background about how you got involved in Internet Business and MyPayingAds and what led you to become such an expert?

A - Birgit Jurock : Many people want to make money with the internet but have no training or not the ability to sell or "recruit" other members to earn commissions. A program like MPA helps everybody to earn online, since selling or recruiting is not required to earn. 

Q - Kudakwashe Sape Tshuma : What are the top 3 things that someone should know in order to be successful in MyPayingsAds?

A - Birgit Jurock : A member should know that MPA is NOT an investment, but rather an advertising program which shares revenue with it's members. Earnings are not fixed and can fluctuate, since company income is dependent on company wide sales. I find it important to stay connected with other members, e.g. through our "support" Facebook group and to keep updated.

Q - Kudakwashe Sape Tshuma : What's the best way to get started?

A - Birgit Jurock : The best way to get started is to REGISTER A FREE ACCOUNT, get familiar with the website and read through the details and Q&A page in our MPA support Facebook group (open for prospects and members), we share tips and answer questions, help each other become successful.

Q - Kudakwashe Sape Tshuma : How long does it take to really become proficient at Internet business?

A - Birgit Jurock : It really depends on each person, on training, how much can you follow instructions, attitude and mind set. Are you a positive thinker or do you see challenges all the time? Is the is new online adventure rather a hobby or do you take it serious? Do you take time to keep learning and for personal development

Q - Kudakwashe Sape Tshuma : Will your methods or advice work in any area and for anyone?

A - Birgit Jurock: Yes

Q - Kudakwashe Sape Tshuma : How much experience does a person need to start MyMayingAds?

A - Birgit Jurock : No experience is necessary to get started

Q - Kudakwashe Sape Tshuma : If you had one secret to give about MyPayingAds , what would it be?

A - Birgit Jurock : To earn as much as you can, use your earnings to purchase more advertising packs, keep informed (visit the Facebook group often), share this wonderful opportunity with others.

Q - Kudakwashe Sape Tshuma : What are some of the common problems that people experience in MyPayingAds?

A - Birgit Jurock : Some members expect to earn a lot of $ within a very short of time, without any effort.

Q - Kudakwashe Sape Tshuma : Some people might think that it all sounds too good to be true. Is there a catch?

A - Birgit Jurock : For some it may sound too good to be true, and no, there is no catch. We are very fortunate to have such an opportunity

Q - Kudakwashe Sape Tshuma : What sort of things can someone do to stay on top?

A - Birgit Jurock : Do not waste time and money, use your earnings to purchase more advertising packs, keep informed (visit the Facebook group often), share this wonderful opportunity with others.

Q - Kudakwashe Sape Tshuma :Where can people find more information about MyPayingAds?

A - Birgit Jurock : The website has all the information needed to learn more about it. Join the Facebook group to learn more about its members, you will find that we all are very happy with the program.

Q - Kudakwashe Sape Tshuma : How can people contact you?

A - Birgit Jurock : Readers are welcome to contact me on Facebook.

To get started with MyPayingAds click here and Register a free account 
(please make sure it shows:  sponsor: 923 – earn247)
After registration, I will send you Instructions with my welcome email.